How To Play Tipsy Topple™

Set Up;

  • Fill 15 mini 2oz cups with jellos shots or liquid shots, seal with lids. (Substitute for non-alcoholic beverage for fun under 21!)
  • Place three blocks next to each other, wide side down. Build more stories, alternating block direction, until you have an 18-story tower.
  • Players decide how to handle shot blocks:

    A. Takers - Player/Team that pulls shot block takes the shot
    B. Givers - Player/Team that pulls single shot block gives shot to opposing player/team
    C. Give & Take - Player/Team that pulls a double shot block takes one shot & gives one shot to opposing player/team 
    D. Recklessness - Player that pulls double shot block takes both shots (WARNING: play at your own risk!)
    e. Create your own rules!


  • The player that set up the tower goes first. The person that is to the left, plays next.
  • You can only use one hand at a time, remove one block from anywhere BELOW the highest completed story. You are allowed to touch blocks to find a loose one, but if a block is moved, you must fix it before touching another block.
  • Drink shot blocks based on the rules you established prior to the start of the game, then place your block on top of the tower. A 3-block story must be completed before starting a new story. Your turn ends 10 seconds after you stacked your block or as soon as the next player touches a block.
  • Continue removing and stacking blocks until someone topples the tower. Pros can stack 45 stories or more!


The last person to successfully stack a block without the tower toppling over, wins. The player that crashes the tower sets up the blocks for the next game.

Be Creative

Add a random mystery shot(s) to the tower, use multiple color jello shots to signify different rules for each shot, the options are endless!

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