6 Rules You Should Keep In Mind While Playing Jenga!

by marcus sims on August 11, 2020

The holidays were fun-filled and surprising- these are the words that specifically describe the very popular Jenga game.

Jenga is one of the classic and most popular games that is favorite of all generations. It's fun, easy, and most popular games until now; Just some coordination, precision, and patience, and you are good at playing the game.

If you are still a novice of this super interesting Jenga game or Jenga rules, read the article below:

What Is Jenga?

It's all about architectural design, with the game consists of 54 wooden blocks stacked over one another.

Clasic jenga - with jello shots | tipsy topple | jenga game

Jenga Setup:

To prepare the game for playing, get Jenga's physical block and a flat, sturdy surface. It has a loading tray with 54 total blocks.  To start with:

  • First, create different layers in a tray, placing three blocks adjacent to each other with their long sides toward each other.
  • Now, stack the next layer perpendicularly with the previous layer. Simultaneously create 18 layers facing each other and build your tower. Just keep in mind that the tower should be firm and stable before removing the loading tower.
  • You can also stack the layers by hand if you don't have a loading sleeve. Just make sure your tower is nice and places nice.

Get set playing!

Playing Jenga:

While playing Jenga, the most important trait a person should have is patience. Of course, the rules are pretty straightforward and simple; you need to practice some physical skills.

playing Jenga

Here's What More You Need To Know About Topple / Jenga Rules:

  • The first player goes to build initial construction. There are 18 floors, three wooden bars in each row with one floor having parallel bars, and the second floor having perpendicular bars.
  • The builder of the original construction should take the first move.
  • Players need to pull one bar from any floor except the layer below the Jenga and the top layer.
  • One thing that makes this game different is that you can not use both hands to pull or push the bar. It does sound simple but still need some concentration.
  • The player can wait only 10 seconds; after that, they can pull the bar out.
  • If the Jenga crashes, the game is over, and the player loses.

*Note:  Yard Jenga rules and the big Jenga rules are same, you need to learn the basics of the game, and you are all set to compete with players.

How You Can Restack The Game:

You first need to keep in mind that you have to build the first tower and complete it before beginning the next one. For instance, if you are placing a block on the top of the layer that only has 2 blocks, you have to complete the story first before putting the other blocks.

Other Variations Of Jenga Game: 

  • Big Jenga:

    The first version of Jenga is a big Jenga. The game is as its name- big and giant. And the big Jenga rules are the same as classic Jenga.  Just make sure that your kids are not surrounded as the falling blocks could injure them when building this. 
  • Jello Shot Jenga:

    Tipsy topple giant jello shot tower is the modern twist to the classic Jenga. There are jello shots compartments that add more fun to the game.


    No matter how much you know about the game, pick your Jenga, and have fun with your family.

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