How To Play The Classic Jenga In New Style With Tipsy Topple

by marcus sims on September 08, 2020

Every one of us loves to play Jenga, a perfect combination of science, skills, strategy, and a bit of luck! In today’s age of computer and mobile games, when we can’t even imagine our life without gadgets, there is a beautiful world of board games that attract people of every gender and age.

And, the classic Jenga is one of the most loved board games that can force anyone to put their phone off and have fun for hours. The game becomes even more fun with Tipsy Topple if you have a great company nearby.

How To Play The Classic Jenga | Tipsy Topple

If you want to know how to play Jenga or the best Jenga strategy to win, you have come to the right place. We'll tell you some secrets about playing the Tipsy Topple drinking game and win. Let’s get started!

Ask Your Friends Or Family For Company

One of the best things that make Jenga a cool game is that it allows you to play with the company. Though you can play on your own and beat your own records, playing with your friends ignites the desire to win the competition.

So, Jenga rules start with choosing the company. While four players are enough, you can choose more people also. Whether you want it to be a noisy party with friends or a joyous pastime with your family, it’s all your choice.

Read The Jenga Rules

Both adults and children can understand the ‘how do you play Jenga’ section. It’s quite simple. However, the Tipsy Topple drinking game adds a twist to the classic Jenga. So, let’s see how to play it.

  • Make a tower to build 18 floors; each floor with three wooden blocks aligned parallel and close to each other.
  • The next floor should be perpendicular to the previous one.
  • The player that sets the tower starts the game, and the person to the left plays next. 
  • Remove one block from anywhere below the story. 
  • You can touch as many blocks as needed to find a loose block but can use only one hand at a time. 
  • You can stop any block from moving if it can make the tower fall.
  • Drink the shots and stack the removed blocks onto the tower top until a 3-block story is built. Then, you can start a new story. 
  • Your turn ends in 10 seconds after to stack the blocks or as soon as another player touches the block.
  • The player in whose turn the tower fell loses.

How To Win Jenga

How To Win Jenga | best way to play Jenga

The best way to play Jenga and win requires you to stick to the following rules. They will increase your chances of winning! 

  • Don’t push yourself. If you always hurry during the game, you will lose more than win. 
  • Feel each block, and start with the one you can easily pull. 
  • Forget about any strategy. As each bar is different in weight and size, no hard and fast rule always works.
  • Many players try to build the highest tower. It’s a mistake. Higher is the tower, the more unstable it is.
  • Distribute the load correctly.
  • Cope with the laugh, the biggest challenge to cope with while playing Jenga.

Wrapping Up

The main reason behind the popularity of Jenga is its simple rules. With Tipsy Topple giant woodblocks and jello shots, the classic Jenga has now become an enthralling game that combines suspense, skills, drinking, and tons of laughter. So, get started with Tipsy Topple and set new records.

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