How To Build A Giant Jenga Tower

by marcus sims on September 14, 2020

Everyone loves Jenga, a perfect combination of skills, suspense, science, laughter and a bit of luck. It has become so popular that you can buy it in almost any toy store. Thanks to the easy Jenga rules and the benefits the game offers!

And, nowadays a new version of the traditional Jenga is waiting for you, i.e., Tipsy Topple Jello Shot Game. Tipsy Topple has turned your favorite Jenga into a drinking game in which the blocks come with hidden slots for jello shots. While removing the blocks and stacking them on the top is still the premise here, you might get a bit drunk here. Sounds cool!

Another interesting thing about giant Jenga is that an entire stack can reach the height of up to 3 meters. But, how to build giant Jenga tower without crashing it before your rivals? Let’s have a look at the rules, risks, and the benefits of playing an unusual version of Jenga.

Rules To Build Giant Jenga

Before we discuss how to build a giant Jenga game, let’s understand the main difference between the two versions. The new version of Jenga is an enlarged copy of the traditional one. The rules for playing both these versions are the same. Only the size of bars and tower vary.

How To Build A Giant Jenga Tower

Building A Giant Jenga Tower Is Simple

The answer to how to build a Jenga tower is to play carefully. Everything is quite simple, though. Place three bars on a flat surface and then three more on top of them. The bars you place on the top should lie perpendicular to the bottom ones.

Similarly, stack the next floors until all the blocks are stacked in the tower. The most enthralling part of this ultimate board game starts now!  

The players will pull out the bars from the floors below and place them on top to build giant Jenga. According to the Jenga extreme rulesa player can’t hold the construction or touch the structure with both the hands. It continues until a player destroys the tower.

If you are lucky enough, the Tipsy Topple Jello Shot Game will allow you to drink your favorite liquor kept in the hidden slots of the boxes. Thus, if you want to enjoy beer, or jello shots while playing Jenga, Tipsy Topple is the way to go!

The winner is the one who puts the block last before the following player crashes down the construction. Remember, the first player to take the block should be the one who constructed the tower.

The Best Thing About The Giant Jenga Tower

First and foremost, you can play this game one-on-one or a team. Playing in teams during a get-together or function makes the game more enjoyable. As each new block will be removed and arranged by a new player, it will keep all the guests engaged and interested in the game.

Best Thing About The Giant Jenga Tower

Thus, the best thing about the giant Jenga game is the team spirit, and the flexibility to play indoors, as well as outdoors. Moreover, age is not a matter. People of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy it.

When it comes to the cons of this board game, you can’t always think about playing it outdoors. If you are searching for tips for playing Jenga in your backyard, one rain can destroy all your plans. This is the only con.

So, don’t get confused about purchasing this giant jello game. It will bring a lot of fun, frolic, and tons of unforgettable memories.

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