How Many Pieces in Jenga: Know Its Variations!

by marcus sims on August 24, 2020

Do you feel out of options when thinking about something productive to do in your free time? With Jenga, not anymore!

Jena is both a game and puzzle; it is also one of the most popular games after Scrabble and Monopoly.  If you ask how many pieces in Jenga, you would be amazed to know that there are 54 pieces. The game has 18 levels and around three blocks. You should keep each block at 90-degree or perpendicular below each one.

The most interesting part of this classic game is its simplicity, as you need nothing but wooden blocks and some gravity, of course. But, even it’s the simplest game, it also teaches us the complexities of structural engineering.

Jenga is holding other blocks in the same way as the buildings are loaded with compression, torsion, force and other things.

What’s In The Classic Jenga:

Classic Jenga - Tipsy Topple Giant Jello Shot Tower

Board Jenga is completely different from the other games; you will not see usual fields, chips, tokens or maps. In the first glance, it looks like a simple block of wood.  With that, the common question that comes in the minds of players is “how many blocks in Tipsy Topple Giant Jello Shot Tower”? Because they look like a load of wood!

But, like other Jenga, it comprises of 54 well-polished blocks of wood that are smooth and lightweight. Each piece is made from natural wood and is soft to touch.

Jenga Rules:

Playing Jenga is very simple and easy, but it needs attentiveness and focus. You need you stack every block perpendicular. Once done take out the bar from the lowermost block and build other above it.

Just keep in mind that before completing the previous floor, you cannot built the new one. You can tape, pull or push the bars. Also, you have to use only one hand; this way you have to make every block carefully. However, your opponent will wish that your hands twitch and the blocks fall down.

Giant Jello Shot Tower Jenga Rules

Varieties Of Jenga:

Every Jenga and its varieties may look different, but the rules for playing are similar to classic Jenga.  Like, if you think of what is the shape of Jenga, Jenga rules or how many pieces are in Jenga, you will be amazed to know that Jenga boom rules are similar to traditional ones.

Furthermore, from the small Jenga to the modern one to the twisted ones, there are a lot of varieties available in the market. Some of them are:

Jenga Wil Jello Shot:

This Jenga consists of jello shot cups built in the block. Don’t worry, the jelly will not fall as each of the cups is sealed and tightly packed. Eat and play this interesting modern twist to the classic one.

Jenga Extreme:

In this, each element is shaped as a parallelogram instead of rectangular. This adds a twist and increases the level of the game. Also, the parallelogram is difficult to build and is the Jenga get built-in bizarre shape.

Stack The Bones With Jenga:

This is another interesting variation of Jenga in which the blocks in the form of bones and skulls are used to build the tower. While this twist is not favorite of every player, it makes a perfect thing to be used as a décor. also, you can gift it to someone who is fond of strange things.

So, now that you know about this amazing Jenga game, bring the one and make the family time enjoyable!

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