How To Play Drinking Jenga: Drunk Jenga Rules

by marcus sims on September 21, 2020

If you have ever played Jenga, the chances are that you love it. This amazing game is truly for not only kids, but it is also a great pastime for friends and strangers. But do you know that you can turn your favorite Jenga into a drinking game and add more fun to it?

If you love alcohol, this amusing drinking Jenga will add more suspense, skills, entertainment, and tons of laughter to your play. Just think after a few beers, will you be able to keep your hand steady to play? Or, will you be able to remove a block carefully without letting the tower to fall over when you are drunk?

Well, you will have to play the drinking Jenga game to find this. Read out the drunk Jenga rules and get ready to arrange an extraordinary surprise for your friends and family.

Drinking Jenga Game

Drunk Jenga takes your favorite classic Jenga game to another level and adds a boozy twist to make the game a bit more challenging. This is why it is also known as Tipsy Tower Drinking Game. It is a perfect drinking game for parties, anniversaries, or get-togethers. You can arrange this entertainment indoors, as well as outdoors if the weather is fine.

What You Need To Play Drinking Jenga

The only thing you need to play drunk Jenga game is special, crafted set of Jenga blocks or bricks, which includes-

  • 54 wooden, polished, wooden blocks.
  • a bag to carry the blocks.
  • a stand to build the tower.

Besides, you need a beer or any other drink you like. Arrange these drinks on a table nearby, as the giant Jenga drinking rules demand it. Let’s now have a look at the best drunk Jenga rules-

Drinking Jenga Game Rules

Even the preparations for playing drinking Jenga game can be fun. Just take a marker and write some tasks or dares to perform on each of the blocks. Some of the weird-yet-fun tasks for the players include kiss somebody, text a funny message, speak with a funny accent, sing a song, etc.

But remember, Jenga is a versatile game. So, Jenga rules depend on the age of the players, your relation with them, party occasion, etc. If you are struggling to find the tasks to write on the blocks, below are some of the best drinking Jenga rules to consider-

  • Oldest person drinks.
  • Refill everyone’s drink immediately.
  • Tallest person drinks.
  • People with glasses must drink.
  • Tell two truths and a lie.
  • Staring contest. The loser will drink.
  • Play the rest of the game standing up and many more.

How To Play Drinking Jenga

So, you need to write the phrases on the blocks before the time to play the game comes. To play drinking Jenga-

  • Create the tower.
  • Each player will pull a block from the row and place it on the tower top.
  • The task written on the block needs to be completed.
  • And then proceed with the next row of the blocks.

Generally, the tower has 18 stories with 3 blocks per story. You have to gently pull and remove the block from the bottom row that is unstable. There are plentiful of unofficial rules too. Adjust the rules and tasks according to the tastes of your guests and have fun!

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