Jenga Rules: How To Play Guide

by marcus sims on April 21, 2020

Classic jenga game

Game Components

  • 54 Hardwood blocks
  • Loading tray to help assemble tower (not required

Goal of Game

Jenga rules are simple, and the goal is even easier; be the last person to successfully stack a block without the tower toppling over.

Jenga Set Up

  • Removal all game pieces from the box onto a flat surface
  • Place three blocks next to each other, wide side down. Keep building stories, alternating block direction, until you have an 18-story tower.

Jenga Rules Gameplay

  • The player that set up the tower goes first. The person that is to the left, plays next.
  • You're only allowed to use one hand at a time, remove one block from anywhere below the highest completed story. You are allowed to touch as many blocks as needed to find a loose one, but if a block is moved, you must fix it before touching another block.
  • Stack removed block onto the top of the tower until a 3-block story must be completed, then you may start a new story. Your turn ends 10 seconds after you stacked your block or as soon as the next player touches a block.

How to Win a Jenga Game

Players will continue removing and stacking blocks until someone topples the tower. The pros are able to stack 45 stories or more!

The person that topples the tower sets up the next game.

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