Dog Playing Jenga Like a Pro

by marcus sims on April 22, 2020

Australian Shepard dog playing Jenga

Jenga is a classic board game that requires players to show grace, balance, and extreme patience in order to stack the wooden blocks without toppling the tower. Many mere mortals have tried their hand at this challenging game, but most have failed. We thought we saw everything, but a dog playing Jenga is a first!

An Australian shepherd from Iowa, "secret", has gone viral and stolen the hearts of many on her owner Mary's Instagram. With an impressive 457,000 followers, this dog has risen to stardom playing Jenga, painting, yoga, & more.

Sounds like Secret is always up for challenges, as Mary wrote this on her social media pages "Games that demand accuracy like this so we had a lot of fun!"

Here's a video of the Australian Sheperd playing Jenga, Enjoy: Secret Playing Jenga

The clip is just under one-and-a-half minutes, but you can see patience and grace on display as Secret secures the wooden block. Mary gives Secret congratulations for keeping the tower.

Mary brags that even people aren't as talented as her special dog: "That's unbelievable! I know people who can not play with this ability."

Secret is undoubtedly one of the smartest dogs in the world, and if watching a dog playing Jenga wasn't proof, we've curated a few more clips from this impressive animal:

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